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2020, 690 x 675 x 525 mm, painted wood, screws, wood-filler, marker, lacquer, steel parts | ink, watercolour on postcard-size paper

The skull face of JEAN was made out of wood found at the local trash deposit site in the maker’s neighbourhood. Its legs and feet where made from the backside of a bed gifted by a friend. Koen Van Eeckhoutte likes to emphasise a circular economy in using previously “destroyed” materials, adding to the philosophy that nothing van be created without destruction; it is the question where the destruction ends to make space for creation. The pieces and their rough shapes formed the inspiration for JEAN, a character which is exemplary for the style and characterisation that Koen Van Eeckhoutte shows in his work.
JEAN’s underside is layered with steel plates instead of regular felt pads to demand a certain approach in use of the object. It should not be pushed or shoved but instead be lifted with care, as to not scrape one’s floor.


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